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Welcome to my website Create You, designed and built for you.

I am so excited to share the next few lines with you…

Like pretty much any woman out in the big world, I am one who has a family, a fulltime job and who is tackling challenges life throws her way. As many other women out there, I am juggling several balls in the air at the same time, but the reason why I am here, is my passion for fitness & health and my wish is to help and inspire those around me through my own experience.

At the start of the year, I found myself in a situation, which was very new to me. Well, we all have good and bad days, but this was different. It wasn’t one or two days with the mood swings. The days became weeks and gradually worsened. I didn’t feel like I used to feel, full of energy, enthusiasm, jumping up and down, loving the life. I was tired, sad and my mood was low.

I knew something wasn’t right, it didn’t feel right and most definitely I didn’t want to feel that way.

I used to love training in the gym, walking, playing with my son, but instead all I wanted was to get through the day and burry myself under the duvet cover and sleep. 

I didn’t want to admit it, but these were the signs of depression and it was desperately trying to get a hold on me. There wasn’t time to waste and I had to act swiftly, as quick as I could to be able to defeat it and come out of that tunnel on the bright side.

Funnily enough this experience catapulted and transformed me into a new person, a person who feels happy in their own skin, who has goals and dreams and that is what I would like to share with you.

I would like to share with you the passion for fitness, strong body & strong mind and my passion to help others.

That’s why I created the Fitness Journal combined with easy hacks and tricks of a positive mind set and wellbeing, complimented with the Gym Log Book and Wellness Journal, all in The Only Fitness Journal You Will Ever Need.

 The perfect journal where you can track and assess not only your exercises and performance but you will be able to understand your mind and body, you will be able to build new habits and routines.

You can capture and express your feelings and emotions; you can look back on affirmations you created when you needed that little extra push.

It will provide you with the ideas you need to progress with your goals and lots more and most importantly You will CREATE YOU.

Love Zora